The Construction of the “Mayhem” Academy to Begin Immediately.
Tanna Anderson
Staff Writer

According to a secret source within the Presidential Manor, late last night, President Yeager met with high ranking members of the military and several of his most trusted advisors to decide what to do about the growing number of ‘mayhem’ babies being born.

As many of you may remember, ‘mayhem’ babies are children born with an abnormal gene; dubbed by the military, “the mayhem gene”. These babies became international news when scientists all over the world began to theorize that as the children grow, this mysterious "mayhem gene" would create a reservoir of ultra-potent ja'kira or neuro-energy in one of the previously believed unused sections of the human brain. They also believe that once this reservoir is full, it would release this stored energy throughout the body in the form of what the military calls a 'mayhem ability' or superpower.

Because of their potential for destruction, on a global scale, the President has authorized the immediate construction of a futuristic school called the Mayhem Academy. Once it’s finished, this Academy is supposed to house and train these ‘mayhem’ children to use their powers responsibly. While the advisors seemed to agree on the President’s course of action, the military representative seemed to think that the Academy was merely delaying the inevitable.

Whether or not this grim prognosis proves to be true only time will tell.