Azuma Corp Announces It’s Intentions to Join the Ja’kirate League
Tanna Anderson
Staff Writer

Akito Azuma, CEO of the technological giant Azuma Corp., announced his intentions to enter his own team of ja’kirate battlers into the Mayhem Academy’s exclusive Ja’kirate League.

Not much is known about Azuma Corps' team or of their supposed mayhem abilities, however, Akito has boasted that he believes that they will shock the world by bringing the coveted championship trophy home to Azuma Corp.

Although, the League’s Board of Directors still have to approve his team’s application, as a major contributor; both monetarily and ideologically, to the League’s inception, many see this reviewing process as just a formality.

Whether or not his team is able to take the League, as Azuma boasts, remains to be seen. In either case, it will undoubtedly, change the face of Ja’kirate battling forever.

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