Mayhem Academy Nearly Destroyed by Freak Accident.
Tanna Anderson
Staff Writer

Panic gripped the city today when the famed Mayhem Academy was nearly destroyed from within. This near catastrophic event occurred when Kyle Rowanolski, Jef Kirosawa and Chu Chucka(a.k.a. The Khaos crew), three of the Academy’s smartest students attempted to revolutionize modern recycling technology; by creating a molecular-manipulating microchip.

Naming this micro marvel, “The Khaos Chip”; it was designed to manipulate the molecular structure of plastic; allowing it to be reshaped into any form by using simple voice commands. According to reliable sources within the academy, the synthetic humaniod was inadvertently created due to the trio’s faulty programing.

After absorbing all of the nearby plastic out of the walls; thereby devastating several of the Academy’s floors, "Plastic" as it was named by the authorities, was forced outside by a mysterious rupture in one of the academy walls. Once outside, it continued to absorb plastic from the academy’s grounds; enabling it to grow to towering proportions. Fearing that it was going to turn it’s sights on the heart of the city, the governor called for an immediate evacuation of the surrounding area.

Although, the military was called in, it wasn’t until several students from the academy banded together that the creature was destroyed. Even though no one was seriously injured, it’ll take weeks before the Academy will be back to functioning at full capacity.