The “Khaos” chip is Scheduled for Mass Production
Cynthia Jamorra
Staff Writer

After a fierce bidding war involving some of the largest corporations in the world, The Mayer Conglomerate has purchased the rights to reproduce a new plastic reformation device. Dubbed the “Khaos” chip by it’s three teenage creators, it allows people to reshape used plastic instead of discarding it.

These teen prodigies, whose names have been withheld, are students of the mysterious Mayhem Academy. The public at large was first introduced to this marvel of modern technology when it went haywire, transforming a plastic two liter bottle into a towering synthetic behemoth which nearly destroyed the academy.

After devastating several of the school’s floors, it made it’s way outside and threatened to destroy the city. This experiment gone wrong, was eventually stopped by several members of the Academy’s own student body but not before it caught the eye of the Mayer Conglomerate.

Justin Carvori, the official spokesman for the conglomerate is being extremely tightlipped on just how it plans to use the chip. While Mayer has an impeccable safety record regarding it’s public policies, this self imposed gag order is raising concerns from both the government and the public at large.

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