Azuma Corp Enters the Ja'kirate Battle League
Austin Stevens
Staff Writer

As expected, the Azuma Corporation’s application to join the Mayhem Academy Ja’kirate Battle League has been unanimously approved by the League’s governing body. Akito Azuma had originally hoped to bring his team to the league under the Azuma Corp banner but the League felt that in order to keep the consistency of the league structure they would have to assume an already existing team.

Whichever team is assimilated will disperse it’s current roster of battlers among the other nine existing teams. As expected, this forced integration of the Azuma team has created resentment between the reallocated players and the other teams.

While several of the teams’ Coaches have voiced their outrage at the league’s decision to allow this, the most outspoken of these coaches is Coach Barras Barka of the Arkazis.

“This decision sets a dangerous precedent,” Coach Barka insists. “If we allow this team into the games, we open the integrity of the league to any eccentric with money and too much time on their hands.”

When contacted, the ruling officials said that they shared Coach Barka’s concern. They did, however, defend their decision by stating that they allowed the Azuma Corps’ team into the league largely because they felt that this could foster a better relationship between the Ja’kirate League and the global community.

Yet smoldering resentment, and Akito Azuma’s prior boastful comments about his team taking the championship, has galvanized the entire league against the Azuma Corps’ team. However this situation plays out, it is sure to make for a very interesting and exciting season.

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