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Step1: Application of Enrollment

All items marked with a P are Private, and will be kept in strict confidentiality.
All items marked with an * are Required in order for your Application to be processed.

Part I. Personal Information
1. Your Name:
     First:  (*)
     Middle:  (P)
     Last:  (*,P)
2. Your Address: (*,P)
     State or Province:
     Zip Code:
3. Your Phone Number: (*,P)
     Don't use any dashes, just numbers. If you don't live in the United States, please fill in your country code.

Country Code: Phone Number: ( ) -
4. Your e-Mail Address:  (*,P)

Every now and then someone forgets to put the entire email address, so just a little reminder that an email address must be in this format:
5. What is your Birth Date? (*,P)
Please enter the dates in numbers

Day: Month: Year:
6. What is your gender?          Male     Female
7. What is your ethnic origin?
Black Hispanic Native American Pacific Islander
Asian White Native Alaskan Other, Please specify:
Part II. Character Information
     If this is your second character or more, then create a whole new name.
     If this is your first, you can either create a name or use your own.
1. Character Name:
2. What is your grade level upon enrollment? (*,P)
3. What is your Battle Status? (*)
 Trainee (T)     Junior Varsity (JV)     Varsity (V)
4. What would you like your Varsity name to be? (* only for V)    
     All JVs and Trainees get thier proper names on thier Jerseys.

     What is your Jersey Number? (* only for JV and V)    

     What is your Team? (* only for JV and V)
Arkazis Dagators Rogarrs Vartaas Karoos
Sytris Matas Gostrix Hirokis Tragons
5. Describe your mayhem abilities? (*)
6. What are your Personality Traits? (*)
Cocky Wisecracker Class Clown Shy Quiet
Brainy Bubbly Talkative Gossipy Scatterbrained
Sourpuss Innocent Good natured Outgoing Know-it-all
Show-Off Bossy Fearless Cautious Hothead
Stubborn Pushy Timid Patient
What are your behavior habits?
For example: Do you chew on pencils, play with a lock of hair, wear caps backwards, etc.
7. Physical Description (*)
Do you wear glases?

Eye Color

Hair Color


Weight lbs

What kind of build?
Slim Athletic Average Few Extra pounds
Are there any disabilities?
For example, blindness, deafness, etc.

Do you use any devices to move around?

What is it?
8. What are your favorite kinds of foods? (*)

9. What are your favorite kinds of movies, games? (*)

10. What are your favorite kinds of books? (*)

11. What are your Hobbies? (*)

12. You may send us your picture for the Academy Yearbook.

If you have it on computer already, then email it to the Yearbook Staff
If it's on paper, mail it copy to the following address:

Mayhem Academy Enrollment Office
Jappa Publications
1808 North 79th Street
Kansas City, KS 66112

By submitting this enrollment form, I surrender all rights to the character I have created to Anthony Jappa and Jappa Publications. I furthermore agree that I, the creator of the submitted character, am not entitled to any form of monetary compensation for this submission or for the reproduction or publishing of the submitted character.

Agree     Disagree

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