The Mayhem Academy Ja'kirate Battle Teams
The amazing ARKAZIS
Coach: Burrus Barka

1. Maxx: Possesses reflexive invulnerability and limited gravity manipulation.

2. Rumble: Able to create massive waves of vibrational energy.

3. Tsunami: Able to harness and command the moisture in the air.

4. Bobcatt: Possesses cat-like agility, speed, and the heighten senses of an animal.

5. Singe: Able to ignite the air arround her allowing her to fly and to create balls of fire and beams of intense flame.

6. Tank: Possesses super strength and near impenetrable skin.

7. Nuke: Able to temporarily rearrange the atom structure of any nonorganic object.

8. Aerial: Able to defy gravity and manipulate the gravity field of anything she holds while she’s aloft.

9. Amazonia: Possesses super speed and strength.

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The devastating DAGATORS
Coach: Barra Bannis

1. Bug: Possesses enhanced agility, adhesive touch and exoskeleton like skin.

2. Walk-in: Able to possess and control the bodies of others.

3. Zero: Able to freeze the moisture in the air.

4. Vibrato: Able to emit devastating waves of vocal spectrums.

5. Brick: Possesses stone hard skin

6. Flex: Possesses super strength and limited invulnerability.

7. Liger: Possesses super speed, agility, enhanced senses and sometimes uncontrollable ferocity.

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The growling GOSTRIXS
Coach: Janti Darana

1. Reflex: Able to redirect a targeted attack back at the attacker.

2. Trance: Able to instantly hypnotize opponents.

3. Zip: Possesses super speed and reflexes.

4. Brainchild: Possesses super cerebral processes.

5. Deuce: Able to split into two identitical versions of himself.

6. Crook: Able to temporarily acquire an attackers abilities while simultaneously rendering them unable to use them.

7. Illumine: Possesses the ability to illuminate a powerful light that absorbs her opponents long enough to extricate their inner most untapped thoughts and stratagies. In turn, it renders them lost in battle, and wanting to possess the energy and knowledge of her "light".

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The howling HIROKIS
Coach: Lanus Jamoo

1. Hoax: Able to create 3 dimensional optical illusions in the minds of his opponents.

2. Burst: Possesses super speed and reflexes.

3. Octave: Able to create bombastic bursts of vocal energy.

4. Nova: Able to control intense heat and ignite flame using the oxygen in the air.

5. Juke: Possesses super agility, reflexes and speed.

6. Escape: Able to teleport over short distances.

7. Clone: Able create an infinite number of clones of herself provided she has the appropriate body mass.

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The conquering KAROOS
Coach: Nanci Ismas

1. Boost: Possesses super speed and reflexes.

2. Mercury: Able to raise and lower the temperature of the surrounding air.

3. Large: Able to grow to titanic proportions

4. Tide: Able to harness and control the moisture in the air.

5. Recharge: Able to stockpile ja’kira and transfer it to others; making them stronger.

6. Exo: Possesses reflexive near impenetrable skin and super strength.

7. Cooler: Able to lower the internal temperature of any object until it freezes.

8. Gadget: Possesses both telekinetic and telepathic abilities. He is able to teleport himself and defy gravity over short distances. In addition to his telekinetic abilities, he is a master mechanic and his augmented right arm gives him super strength.

9. Snowman: Able to freeze the moisture in the air and direct it at his opponents.

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The majestic MATAS
Coach: Roki Moroq

1. Reek: Able to emit a powerful sensory nullifing odor.

2. Soprano: Able to create high-pitched waves of vocal energy.

3. Teflon: Possesses impeneratable skin and super strength.

4. Vanish: Able to blend any source of light around himself; rendering him invisible to the naked eye.

5. Garble: Able to scramble the thoughts of any oppent by emitting powerful mental waves of several conflicting thoughts at once.

6. Steel: Able to cover his entire body with a dense organic metal.

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The renegade ROGARRS
Coach: Mavis Feria

1. Feral: Possesses animal-like senses, agility and reflexes.

2. Fasttrak: Possesses super speed and reflexes

3. Onyx: Able to cover his entire body with a layer of impenertable black stone.

4. Stunt: Possesses super agility, reflexes and no concept of fear.

5. Channel: Able to super charge any inanimate object with ja’kira and then use it as an explosive weapon.

6. Think-tank: Possesses super cerebral processes.

7. Mass: Possesses super strength and reflexive body mass.

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The savage SYTRIS
Coach: Omaro Neeba

1. Ember: Able to ingnite the air around him.

2. Bolt: Able to emit powerful bolts of lightning from his hands.

3. Battery: Able to store extremely high amounts of ja’kira and then channel it into others.

4. Blindspot: Possesses the uncanny ability to position himself in the blind spot of his opponent; effectively hiding in plan sight.

5. Punch: Possesses super strength and invulnerable hands.

6. Drain: Able to syphon the ja’kira out of any object.

7. AmazonElf: Possesses super agility, strength and hyper senses.

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The terrible TRAGONS
Coach: Garthor Roaot

1. Logic: Possesses super cerebral processes.

2. Mimic: Able to temporarily duplicate all an opponent’s ja’kira abilities.

3. Mirror: Able to temporarily assume the form and powers of an opponent by touching them.

4. Circuit Breaker: Able to mentally shut off an opponent’s power.

5. Afterburner: Able to fly at almost limitless speeds.

6. Chill: Able to freeze the moisture in the air and direct it at her opponents.

7. Velocity: Able to propell herself at supersonic speed.

8. Chimera: Able to fly and can fire beams of devastating energy from his hands.

9. Hotspot: Able to ignite the air allowing him to create fire balls and beams of intense flame.

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The victorious VARTAS
Coach: Amarao Arcka

1. Stampede: Able to propell himself into an unstoppable object.

2. Shock: Able to emit powerful bolts of electricity from his hands and eyes.

3. Monster: Able to transform himself into any mythical creature he can imagine.

4. Digit: Possesses the ability to numerically break down the mathematics of any attack and instantly devise a way to defend himself against it or discover a way to overcome it.

5. Fusion: Able to temporarily merge the molecular structures of any two nonorganic objects.

6. Flier: Able to defy gravity and manipulate the gravity field of anything he holds while he’s aloft.

7. Tra-dogg: Possesses the ability to communicate with all carnivorous animals and to temporarily transform himself into a hyper-powered canine.

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