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What does it really mean to enroll into the Mayhem Academy?

When you submit the enrollment application, you are essentially creating a super-powered version of yourself or unlocking your inner hero. In doing this, you (your character) automatically becomes part of the Mayhem Academy student body.

This means that your newly designed character will now interact with other established Mayhem characters and maybe even be the focal point in one of the Mayhem Academy adventures. It also means that your character will crossover into any and all Mayhem Academy endeavors such as the Mayhem Academy books, on MA t-shirts, MA greeting cards, MA video & board games, etc.

What should I expect after I enroll?

Once your application has been approved you will receive a link to download your electronic copy of the first Mayhem Academy book. If you prefer to have a hard copy of the book, we can mail a cd-rom verson to you; along with your Mayhem Academy student ID card.

This ID card will have your name, your listed abilities, current battling status, and it will have your unique character or student serial number. This number is stored in our data base and identifies you with your varsity name; insuring that no one in the same city will have your chosen name. You will also receive your class schedule and a full-color illustration of your mayhem character. Allow 2 - 4 Weeks for all items to be processed and delivered.

What is the tuition cost to enroll?

It is free

How long will my character be allowed to stay in the Mayhem Academy?

Membership in the Mayhem Academy never expires. Your character will live on forever.

Application Options

Although we treat both electronic and paper applications with exactly the same attention, we strongly encourage you to apply to Mayhem Academy online. (For more information on why we encourage this option, click here.)

Whichever way you choose to apply, please note that you should choose only ONE of the two options. That is, if you apply electronically, please do not submit a paper version of your application. If you submit a paper application, please do not submit an electronic version.

*** We at the Mayhem Academy encourage the electronic application for two reasons: for your convenience and our processing speed and accuracy. Applying electronically saves you the time it takes to print, assemble and mail your portion of the application. Also, if you apply on paper, we must enter a portion of your information manually into our system. Doing this takes double checking and more processing time. We know that some college counselors and authors of advice manuals recommend applying on paper in order to enhance formatting and appearance. We believe formatting to be irrelevant to the way we evaluate applications, and again, we strongly encourage online submissions, both for your sake and ours.

Once I submit my enrollment form, can I change it?

Yes and no. You can make visual and core power changes to your character up until the time itŐs published in the Mayhem Academy yearbook. After that, the only changes you can make are power adjustments to your core power.

Can I influence the destiny of my created character?

Yes; to a point. While we strongly encourage you to make suggestions regarding your character, we have to consider the overall story line of the Mayhem Academy when crafting the stories.

The Academy - Welcome - Chronology - The Books - Admissions - F.A.Q. - Contact Us
The Yearbook - The Advocate - The Ja'Kirate Battle League -

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